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The legal requirements of starting and running a business can be overwhelming, especially if you have never built a company before. The business entity will need to be formalized and registered with the state. Contracts of all types, sizes, and complexities will need to be drafted, reviewed, and confirmed. Intellectual property will need to be proactively protected, with disputes aggressively fought. If you are forming a corporation, you will also need to set bylaws and begin the ongoing process of keeping corporate records through corporate resolutions.

It is a lot to take in. Making mistakes early on can be common without experienced legal assistance. These can lead to significant problems that imperil the venture or even leave you exposed to significant liability.

Whether you are a first-time business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, our Charlotte business law lawyers at Oakhurst Legal Group can provide the legal support you need for your company to succeed. We have experience supporting businesses in numerous sectors, including the entertainment, finance, and construction industries. Our team is also capable of assisting the smallest of partnerships to the largest of corporations, having provided legal services to prominent government contractors as well as numerous corporate clients.

We are enthusiastic about assisting in the growth of small businesses and are committed to supporting our clients long-term. While we are able to offer efficient, to-the-point services when requested, we prefer to build lasting relationships with the ventures we support. We want to help your company through challenges and celebrate its successes.

No problem is too big or too small for our team. Call 704-243-8178 or contact us online  to learn more about how our business law services can support your company.

Our Business Law Services

The specific legal needs of your business will depend on its size, entity type, complexity, industry, and age. New businesses tend to require a great level of legal assistance upfront, while more mature, multifaceted businesses may require highly specific solutions to unique problems.

Our team has experience handling numerous types of problems and challenges that face businesses of every scope and variety. We are prepared to assist with specific, pressing problems or provide ongoing legal counsel.

Our team is ready to support your business. Call 704-243-8178 or contact us online  to get started. We offer our legal services in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Our Charlotte business law attorneys can assist you with:

Business Formation

Running a business without any formal structure opens you up to significant liabilities in addition any losses the venture incurs. Selecting a business entity type is a crucial decision for any company, as it can determine the organization’s structure, means of governance, tax efficiency, and liability. We focus in forming limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations, including the establishment of bylaws and company officers. We can help advise on what entity type is consistent with your goals, prepare the necessary documents, and register them with the state. Our firm also offers entrepreneur and startup packages to ensure you have everything you need when building a business from the ground up.

Contract Services

Nearly every major transaction, hire, or agreement your business makes will require a robust contract that protects your interests. This can include employment agreements, independent contractor and vendor agreements, business formation documents, real estate agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and regulatory compliance documents. Operating without these types of contracts in place can lead to significant liabilities and costly litigation when disputes inevitably arise. We have experience drafting, reviewing, and finalizing contracts in all of these areas in numerous types of business sectors.

Corporate Resolutions and Recordkeeping.

Corporations of many types, including S corporations and C corporations, are required by state and federal law to keep thorough written records of the board of director’s decision making. This recordkeeping occurs through the use of corporate resolutions, a formal process in which a corporate board affirms an approved decision with significant impact to the company. Failure to maintain a record of corporate resolutions can result in major problems should a corporation ever be audited by the Internal Revenue Service or another government agency. We can work with corporate boards to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Intellectual Property Protection.

A business’s proprietary information and intellectual property are among its most valuable assets, and formal steps must be taken to vigorously protect it from unauthorized theft, duplication, and distribution, which can lead to lost profits and diluted brand identity. Our team can help you procure copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We can also ensure your nondisclosure and non-restrictive covenant agreements are legally enforceable and work to prevent former employees and contractors from disseminating trade secrets.

General Counsel

Businesses require a consistent level of ongoing legal support, especially as it begins to hire employees, make agreements with other entities, and generally expand. We are prepared to serve as general counsel for these growing businesses and will work to meet their evolving legal needs, whether they have in-house counsel or not. Our services include, but are not limited to: assisting and advising businesses on establishing their company's structure, policies, objectives, and procedures for their business operations; managing outside counsel and litigation; assisting businesses to prevent, navigate and resolve complex legal issues; and drafting, reviewing, completing, and filing legal paperwork related to business operations. We charge a monthly flat fee calculated upon the first meeting to discuss the extent of the company's needs and type of legal support required.


Disputes between employees, corporate officers, vendors, or other business entities may escalate to the point where they require litigation. We are prepared to represent you and defend your interests no matter the size or nature of a conflict.

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Our Charlotte business law lawyers are ready to do whatever it takes to meet the legal needs of your new, growing, or established company. We are prepared to build your company from the ground up or work to solve or overcome specific problems. Oakhurst Legal Group brings a fresh, innovative approach to our business law practicing, choosing to pursue innovative legal strategies and solutions whenever possible. Our team strives to partner with our business clients and are invested in their immediate and long-term success, which is why we offer 50/50 payment options for our business law clients. No matter what type of problem your business is facing, we are prepared to give you the legal assistance you need.

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