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Entertainment is one of the most vibrant and exciting industries in the world. It is also one of the most fundamentally unique sectors, and entertainment professionals require tailored legal services that understand the specific needs of their individual career in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Charlotte entertainment law lawyers at Oakhurst Legal Group know that the music, film, and sports are not only built on skill and prowess, but also relationships. Our team is prepared to become a pivotal relationship in your career, as we emphasize and encourage long-term, personable relationships with our clients. Our offices in Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. can together work to further and protect your career interests. We want to understand your goals in the entertainment industry and do whatever it takes to help achieve them.

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Entertainment Law Services We Offer

We understand that the entertainment industry is like no other, with highly specific needs that must be further tailored to one’s specific profession and career trajectory. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the common legal needs of artists, performers, and entertainment professionals on the individual level. We are also prepared to legally assist production studios, production companies, and record labels with their legal needs in all areas of business law.

Some of the specific legal services our Charlotte entertainment law attorneys can assist you with include:

Entity Formation.

New entertainment professionals may seek to limit their tax liability, especially if much of their work is done through independent contracting. We can help you explore “pass through” corporations commonly used by individual actors, artists, writers, directors, and other entertainment professionals to lawfully limit your personal tax burden. We can also assist in the forming of new production companies.

Intellectual Property Formation & Protection.

Whenever you create something as an artist, whether it be a script, painting, drawing, novel, or music recording, you have produced something that will require copyright protection to prevent others from unlawfully duplicating or distributing your content. Logos, slogans, and company names will need trademark protection to avoid faux imitators that can dilute your brand identity. We can help you assess the specific needs of your intellectual property, work to get you formal protections, and fight to protect you in the event of disputes or violations.

Management and Agency Contracts.

A huge milestone for any entertainment professional is getting “signed” by a prominent manager or agent. These representatives will advocate for your career and projects in exchange for a cut of your entertainment income. Many entertainment representatives come from reputable firms, but you should always have your contract reviewed by an experienced entertainment lawyer to make sure your interests are protected. We can also work with agencies and management companies to draft and review contracts for new and existing clients.

Recording Agreements.

A recording artist who attracts the interest of one or more record labels will likely have to decipher a recording agreement, also known colloquially as a “record deal.” This is a complex legal contract that conscripts the musician or musical group to create a record or series of records that the label will then distribute, sell, and promote. Many young performers are unfamiliar with the language used in these contracts and consequently agree to deals with unfavorable terms. We can help recording artists review and negotiate record deals. We can also work with record labels to prepare and complete recording agreements.

General Contract Review

Any time you agree to something in the entertainment industry, you should get it in writing. This can range from employment agreements to script options to first look deals to financing arrangements. We are prepared to review any contract you are presented with throughout your career.

Clearances and Placements.

In film and television, any piece of intellectual property, including the image of a character, a piece of media, or a logo cannot simply appear in a new work. Production companies must obtain “clearances” from the individual or entity that controls that piece of intellectual property, which can sometimes require careful negotiation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some companies will pay handsomely for the opportunity for their products and company logos to appear in a piece of media. Our team can help navigate and finalize both clearances and product placement agreements.

Advertising and Sponsorships.

When an entertainment professional or athlete reaches a certain level of prominence, advertisers may seek to use their image for endorsements and appearances in ad campaigns. It is important to understand the incalculable value of your image. Every sponsorship or advertising deal should come with a robust contract that specifically defines how and when your image will be used, how it will be associated with the product, service, or brand, and the overall scope of the campaign. It should also specifically define what (if any) of your words will be used and what mediums a campaign will utilize. We can help negotiate these deals and help you understand what agreeing to a given sponsorship will mean. Our team can also assist advertising firms with preparing sponsorship or ad campaign contracts.

Merchandising and Licensing.

Similarly, when an entertainment professional or athlete begin to draw a significant following, it can be wise to explore merchandising and licensing opportunities. Poor quality merchandising can dilute an artist’s brand, so it is critical that agreements with merchandising vendors and other licensing deals are carefully drafted and heavily scrutinized. We can work with entertainers and athletes of all varieties to ensure your long-term interests are protected in any licensing or merchandising deal.


Mounting a tour can be one of the most lucrative prospects for growing or established recording artists and groups. Tour organization is an inherently complex process that requires the coordination of numerous moving parts, including transportation, merchandising, site logistics, accommodations, venue setup, promotion and advertising, and more. We can help recording professionals make sense of all of these moving parts when they are evaluating contracts involving touring.

Privacy Protection

When an entertainment professional begins to gain celebrity status, privacy becomes hard to come by. This is especially true as support teams around the artist grow, creating more potential avenues for leaks and unwanted information dissemination. Strong, enforceable nondisclosure agreements can help protect entertainment professionals who wish to maintain some level of privacy. We are familiar with the drafting of these contracts and can work to ensure you have some separation between your public and private lives.

Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Collaborations

Entertainment is all about collaboration, so it is only natural that individuals or companies might choose to work together to pursue an artistic or business opportunity. Even seemingly casual partnerships between individual entertainers should employ contracts to protect the interests of everyone involved. We can help you legitimize any partnership, joint venture, or collaboration, which can define the nature of the relationship, the liabilities each party takes on, and stakes in any profits or losses.

O & P Visas

The United States is one of the centers of the entertainment industry, and many professionals from abroad seek to do business here. Our team is familiar with helping qualified entertainers, artists, and athletes gain access to the country through O visas and P visas. We can also assist those looking to pursue entertainment investment opportunities as a means of entering the United States.

Get the Legal Support You Need as an Entertainment Professional

All successful entertainment professional will need qualified legal assistance throughout the course of their career. Our Charlotte entertainment law lawyers at Oakhurst Legal Group are prepared to service both your immediate and long-term needs, whether you are just starting out or are already an established artist. We have experiencing providing legal support to entertainers, artists, athletes, and performers in numerous disciplines in addition to our services for production companies and studios. Our team also understands the constantly evolving nature of the entertainment industry, which is why we emphasize exploring innovative, creative legal solutions to whatever problems you might face. We are excited about supporting your career and will do whatever we can to help you reach your next milestone.

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